We thought it might be a good idea to summarise just what it is you are paying for with your subscription and rental, and what we are trying to offer in return. There also follows a brief summary of what you will be expected to do in return (on your allotment plot and within the site.)

Limbury Leisure Gardens Association comprises two classes of membership. Quite simply, those who have allotment plots and those who do not!

Firstly, those who do not have a plot, and choose simply to have membership of the Association. They pay a membership fee, renewable annually in January.  This fee is set by members at an Annual General Meeting and is at present £4 per year and there are no plans to increase the amount.

Membership entitles the member to come into the shop and purchase goods/seeds, plants etc., at bulk purchased, discounted prices together with any other offer that may from time to time become available. Any small profit is ploughed back into the Association funds for the purpose of continuing the service.

Secondly, plot holders, who enter into a contract with Luton Borough Council through the Council’s agent. In this case the agent is Limbury Leisure Gardens and they are responsible for collecting ground rents (set by LBC) and paying it to the Council on your behalf. In return for gaining access to your plot you must abide by the rules and regulations created by the Council. You will have been required to sign and accept these rules and regulations as a condition of rental. (A copy is usually displayed, in addition.) The rents are payable annually during the month of October. The charge for 2016/2017 is £2.85/pole. Any ground rents unpaid by the end of October may be deemed to be notice of “quitting the plot” and the plot may, without further, notice be re-let.

Limbury Leisure Gardens, acting as agents for LBC, are responsible for enforcement of the rules and regulations and may at their reasonable discretion and after giving due notice and considering possible appeal, evict a gardener from his/her plot.

In return for payment of rent the Council will provide to plot holders, the costs to the site of water, power, general “road” maintenance and peripheral fence maintenance.

NOTE: The allotment rent does not include the membership to Limbury Leisure Gardens Association, which is payable as above.

Plot holders are reminded of their obligations in accepting the term of rental, particularly the need to keep invasive weeds down so that neighbouring plots do not become infected. Weeds removed should be stacked within the plot and not on roadside verges or grass paths. (A compost bin within the plot boundary would be an ideal solution.) Grass pathways should be kept mown and tidy. Volunteers will usually mow the roadside verges.

What can I get from Membership?

A shop at Moat Farm open Saturdays 2.00pm to 4.00pm and Sunday 10.00am to 12.00 noon.

Discounted prices available to Members in the shop (on production of a current membership card.)

A website containing seasonal information (www.limburyleisure.co.uk)

The opportunity to meet with like-minded people to exchange tips, ideas and advice.

What can I give?

Companionship/shared experiences: the opportunity to volunteer as a committee member or to assist with maintenance work around the sites and share in raising plants which are sold for charity.

Would you like to receive messages by email? If yes then please leave details with a member of the committee. Your details WILL NOT BE PASSED to any other person.



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