Newbies diary – part 2

Well a lot has happened since I last wrote our diary – we now have a shed on our plot which Ray has reroofed and between Lydia and I it has had a very good coat of preserve which luckily we were able to do before the bad weather arrived.

It has been a long hard winter and I think that everyone is delighted to see the sunshine.

Lydia has had great success on her part of the plot with her daffodils and tulips, so after enjoying the brightly coloured flowers at the allotment we have now brought the last of the flowers home to enjoy.

Tonight our new potatoes (supermarket potatoes I’m afraid!!)  were smothered in butter and chopped parsley, courtesy of Lydia – hopefully later in the season we will be lucky enough to be able to have our own new potatoes fresh from the plot.

Ray, Lydia and I have been really busy digging and weeding, planting seeds and young plants which we look forward to in the summer and autumn months.

Earlier in the year I was asked to help at the allotment shop, so I have been helping on some Saturday and Sunday’s to help George, Jenny and Pauline  (and the lads who do all the heavy work !)

I thoroughly enjoy my time helping (and Lydia often helps with pricing up, weighing onion sets etc), and have met lots of interesting characters and gets lots of hints and tips

At home we have been busy with sewing and nurturing seeds – broccoli, pumpkins, sunflowers, cauliflowers, cabbages, sweet peas and the lounge resembles a small greenhouse by the               patio doors!!   Gradually the babies are starting to grow stronger so are soon going to be transferred to the allotment and garden.

We are really enjoying our time at the allotment and thoroughly enjoy meeting our fellow allotmenteers – sharing ideas and having a chat – it gives a really good sense of community which is great to be part of.

We wish everyone a very successful growing year and hope the fine weather stays with us through   the summer and autumn months.

Happy Growing!!!!!

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