Saturday 29th September
This afternoon we proudly arrived at the allotment shed to take over our allotment. We paid our rent and bought two bags of onions and one bag of garlic. George pointed us in the direction of out allotment plot number 60 – this was the start of our new adventure!!
When we saw plot 60 to say we didn’t know where to start is an understatement – thankfully Chris had come to our rescue and was strimming the plot.  The rest of the afternoon was spent raking the weeds off the top.

Week 2
Luckily the weather is being really kind to us and Ray has dug lots of the edges and at the top of the plot has planted rhubarb and has started to sort out the compost bins. Suddenly Chris appeared with the mini tractor rotavator to rotavate the plot he carefully manoevered around the rhubarb and gave us a nice neat plot. Still lots of work to do but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shirley and Lydia started to weed to get ready for the strawberry patch and Ray is planting onion sets.

Week 3
Collected slabs from B&Q to use in Lydia’s patch and we put them in a triangle so she has three areas to plant she then busily planted daffodils and tulips in the large triangle and a long row of spinach at the back of her patch.
We think Ray is still planting garlic and onions!!!- Oh No he has stopped for a sneaky cup of coffee. (Whilst we are still working).
Shirley stops weeding and finally plants strawberry’s, white sprouting broccoli and red cabbage.

Week 4
Raspberry canes have started to arrive so Ray has spent time after work sectioning the plot with paths to plant them Log Roll has gone round Lydia’s patch to make it nice and tidy. Sign has gone up with plot number on. Wood chip has been put on the paths to stop the weeds growing. Everyone is “mucking in” to get all the jobs done!

Our next big job is to get a shed!!

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